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In Dangerous Rhythm
A music blog from writer Colin Dilnot, In Dangerous Rhythm has featured several references to the Tittyshaker sound...
Andre Williams Article

Twistin Kings Article
The Larks Article

Jazzman Gerald
Gerald is currently working on his own tribute site to the tittyshaker, but for now why not check out Jazzman Records where you may hear one or two 'shakers in his radio show archives.
Jazzman Records

Home of the original "Mommy What's A Tittyshaker?" article.
Soulgeneration website


Russ Meyer

Some of the greatest sexplotation fims... Faster Pussycat... Kill! kill!, Motor Psycho, Mondo Topless, Mudhoney, Beyond The Valley of the Dolls...
Official site

Something Weird
A highly addictive website that contains some of the trashiest and most awful B movies you will ever see, but essential for the sleazy music, bad acting and ridiculous plots
Something Weird website

Bad Mags
Interesting site containing lots of information on sexploitation and other sleazy genres such as occult sex and outlaw bikers.
Bad Mags Website


Norton Records

Not solely a vendor of tityshaker music, more a purveyor of all rock'n'roll essentials.
Norton Records Website

Absolutely essential on-line radio station that features regular sleaze, rock'n'roll oddness and tittyshaking from the likes of Mr Finewine, Michael Shelley, Rex Doane and Dave The Spazz.
WFMU Website

The World's Greatest LP Covers, 45's too
An incredible site which covers just about everything a record hungry fool like myself could ever wish for - XXX-rated record sleeves, beatnik themed ones, blaxspolitation, exotica, chicks dig records, chicks with guitars... do I need to go on? Get going... click the link!