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Jay Bonty "SAD SHAPE" M and R
An oddball frat rock'n'roller from the obscure Jay Bonty who only cut one other record that I know of - 'Peanut Farmer' on Ripcord. Who ever you were Jay Bonty - we take our hats off to you sir, for this is indeed a shaker of the highest order.



The Earthworms "MO' TATERS" Bobbin
A lesser known Little Milton and Oliver Sain collaboration from 1962, extolling the virtues of the humble potatoe. Issued as novelty rather than Rhythm'n'Blues, clearly Bobbin didn't take this sidestep in Milton's career too seriously.



The Mustangs "TOPSY 65" Providence Records
From late 1964 comes this grinding jazz shaker, with an intro straight out of Ray Charles bag of tricks. Count the drum breaks on this cool daddy.



Mac Rebennack "THE POINT" AFO Records
The first from New Orleans legend Mac Rebennack, better known to the world as Dr John. This flipside to his 1962 local hit "One Note Flat" is pure unadulterated organ sleaze and shows a jazzier side to his repertoire.




Drits & Dravy "TALK THAT TALK" Another Record
A 1960 New Orleans rarity from session musicians Mac Rebennack (later Dr John) and Ronnie Barron, both of these players were jointly responsible for the Ronnie & The Delinquents rarity "Bad Neighbourhood" and Morgus And The Three Ghouls 45 "Morgus, The Magnificent" - all 3 being essentials. "Talk That Talk" has that addictive New Orleans sound that makes it an instant classic.



Claude And The Hightones "MONKEY STUFF" Pam Mar
This monkey madness is a wild slice of boogaloo infused R'n'B, recorded on the tiny Pammar label out of Los Angeles in 1962. A total obscurity around these parts.



Mel Smith "YES LOVE" Rock-A-Bye
Insane R'n'B that'd make Reverand Louis Overstreet sound like a balladeer. Yes it's the same Mel Smith who cut the classic "Pretty Plaid Skirt" on Sue. Released in low numbers on a custom Rite pressing, this ferocious shouter is pretty full on, with wild and pounding rhythms that build and build. In a class of its own!



The Nite Hawks "CHICKEN GRABBER" Del Fi
Something strange is going down in the chicken coop tonight, check out this insane novelty side from doo woppers The Nite Hawks. What were they up to in the midnight hour with those feathered ladies, sounds like a wild time was had by all.



The Knight Beats "NAUGHTY ROOSTER" Crystalette
Continuing the chicken related theme is a killer tittyshaker from 1959 that was released a few times on different lables using same recording, check The Gimmicks "Naughty Rooster" on Keen. This one reminds me of Benny Hill slapping the bald mans head and the campest Carry On moments.



The Spinners "SLAVE CHAIN" Crystalette
A cool one from 1960 which is usually picked out for its uptempo flipside "Boomerang", however here at Tittyshakers we choose "Slave Chain" a grinding sleazer that simply oozes filth.



Akim "VOODOO DRUMS" Pan World
Essential exotica from Hollywood A-Lister Aki Aleong. Now any record with the word Voodoo in the title is pretty much a guarantee of quality, and Aki doesn't let the side down. This has all the right elements, killer lyrics, wild drums, flute, boss vocal accompaniment, scratchy guitar - it's all here - enjoy perfection!



The original souce for The Cramps "Garbage Man" which was later 'borrowed by The Rumblers in 1962 who retitled it "Boss" and revved it up a gear or two. The Strangers tease all the high school hellcats out of the back alleys with this moody grind.



The Johnson Brothers "ZOMBIE LOU" Valor
Another shaker from the doo wop / group vocal side of the tracks. This one is from Alvin and Edward Johnson following their brief but brilliant recording career as The Souvenirs.



Sonny Flaharty And His Young Americans "COCONUT STOMP" PAQ Records
Sonny is either remembered by the rockabilly fraternity for "My Baby's Casual" or by the Garage heads for his equally brilliant "Hey Conductor". Yet smack bang in the middle of those two classics he put this obscure one out on his own one-off label in 1963. Recorded live at The Coconut Lounge nightclub in Springfield, Ohio, Sonny plays a mean frat rock sound.



Jerry & Mel "CANNIBAL STEW" Boss Sound Records
This jungle themed oddball was the sole Novelty outing for songwriters Jerry Marcellino and Mel Larson, 2 chaps who wrote their fair share of hugely succesful mainstream pop over the years. This brilliant flop of theirs is perhaps their only worthy legacy?



The Original Starfires "CAMEL WALK" APT
A real mean one here on the consistantly good APT label, this end of the night grindathon is 100% sin, if this is the devils music, then i'm making my way downstairs to hang with ol' Satan and watch the honeys shake.



The Merri-Men "BIG DADDY" APT
Straight out of a back alley sin cinema, the soundtrack to the ultimate stag movie, the horns on this sleazeball are outragious. More front than Carol Doda.



The Rumblers "THE HUSTLER" Downey
From 1964, the flipside to an insane version of "Riot in Cell Block # 9" by the same Rumblers who cut the much coveted "Boss" two years earlier, here they go all out for the sleazy tittyshaker sound and do us proud.



The Reekers "GRINDIN'" Ru-Jac
Criminally overlooked due to it being the flipside of one of the greatest savage instrumentals ever recorded "Don't Call Me Flyface". Here we give this worthy side an opportunity to shine. Oddly released on the Baltimore Ru-Jac label which is noted for being purely Northern Soul - with the exception of this scorcher.



The Riptides "MACHINE GUN" Challenge
Now any fans of The Cramps will recognise this immediately as "Call of The Wig Hat", Lux and Ivy certainly had good taste when it came to borrowing a riff or two. A real wild one.



The Reveliers "HANGING FIVE" G-Clef
Continuing the love for surf kings The Reveliers, here is their tough one "Hanging Five". A more straight ahead surf one here, but with enough go to get the girls a go-go.



One of the rarer pieces associated with this collectors scene, drummer and singer Washboard Willie cut this on Joe Von Battles Von label in Detroit sometime between 1957 and 1962, alongside blues hero Calvin Frazier on guitar, Boogie Woogie Red on piano and Chuck Smith on bass. There is an album of this guys music on the JSP label but be warned it's not quite up to this standard.


by Tom Lawrie 2nd December 2008