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The Pastel Six "BANDIDO" Zen
Welcome to another round up of essential tittyshaker 45s. This time around we start with a really cool one from 1962 by North Hollywoods 'The Pastel Six'. This shaker is found on the flipside to 'The Cinamon Cinder (It's A Very Nice Dance). "Bandido" is a essential piece of vinyl filth, from the moody intro to the twisting guitar and sleazy horns, this one will get the pasties spinning and the windows steamed up for sure.



Curley & The Jades "BOOM STIX" Music Makers
"Boom Stix" is the quintessential shaker; outrageously sleazy horns, wild drum breakdowns, a constant shakin' rhythm and red hot guitar. First released on New York's tiny Music Maker label in 1961 before going to the more established Reprise a year later. While being well known for its appearance on several compilations over the years "Boom Stix" and it's equally great flipside "Bullfighter" remains a bit of a mystery to these parts - just who were Curley & The Jades?



The Silver-Tones "HIGH HAT ROCK" Jar
A classic tittyshaker sound here, this one will tick the box for all but the most obtuse aficionado of the sleazy sound. Check out the wild organ and drum workout mid way through. Killer sounds! .



The Wild Tones "SHUT - UPS" Madison
A slight oddball here, if you are a fan of novelty records with a sleazy edge then this is for you. The horns, percussion and slightly kooky guitar in "Shut-Ups" give it instant shaker status. Also I must ensure the flipside to this 45 is mentioned - "The Martian Band" which is equally worthy of this websites, and your attention.




Johnny Parker And The Zirkons "OONGOWA" C T Records
A wild jump blues jiver that warrants a tittyshaker stamp of approval for its title alone, but it's those horns and wild percussion that are going to get the nipples standing to attention.



The Charts "OOBA-GOOBA" Guyden
"Ooba-Gooba" is another highly infectious dance record which lends more than a nod to The Champs "Tequila". The Charts started life as a black vocal group who were discovered and moulded by Les 'Wiggle Wobble' Cooper into the band that you hear here. For Philadelphia's Guyden label The Charts turned on to a purely instrumental style and cut this raucous tittyshaker as the flipside to the also great "For The Birds" single.



The Instrumentals "CHOP SUEY ROCK" Hanover
Instantly recognisable as the source for the Cramps classic "Can Your Pussy Do The Dog", "Chop Suey Rock" is an instantly addictive tittyshaker packed with all the tasty stuff; solid percussion, nasty guitars and dirty, dirty horns. Shake it, shake it, baby!



The Nomads "ICKY POO" Prelude
Clearly The Stray Cats had heard this obscure and elusive rocker prior to writing "Stray Cat Strut", as most of this songs melodies and rhythms seem to have made its way into that 80's pop classic. "Icky Poo" is a killer find, is it garage or is it rockabilly? To my ears it has strong traits of both, but without any doubt it's unquestionably a tittyshaker.



The Hollywood Vines "CRUISIN'" Capitol
A sleazy rock'n'roll instrumental from 1961, The Hollywood Vines were the high school band of ex pro-wrestler and former Arnold Schwarzeneggar training partner Ric Drasin. Rick played lead guitar in this short lived band before going on to a far stranger career.



Tic And Toc With Howard Biggs And His Orch. "JIBBA JAB" Vik
A crazed early R'n'B shaker with a killer performance from Howard Biggs on piano, the horns on this are outragious to say the least. Tic and Toc were Auston Powell (co-founder of RnB pioneers Cat And The Fiddle) in the role of "Tic" and session vocalist Big Nick Nicholas as "Toc" - a singer who had performed in some of the finest bands of that era; Hot Lips Page, Earl Hines and Tiny Bradshore amongst others. "Jibba Jab" was cut in 1956 and remains a much loved classic.



The Peppermint Stiks "EL TWISTO" So-Char
An obscure looking 45 for sure, "El Twisto" and it's equally shaking flipside "Theme from the Peppermint Stik" both come off like lost recordings for an unaired sitcom or cartoon show or even perhaps a late 50's early 60's tv commercial. Who knows the story behind this. One thing is for sure though - this 45 is more than worthy to be raised from total obscurity and get some attention here.



The Premiers "ORBIT BOUND" Squire Records
A tough excavation from my collection here, "Orbit Bound" is the much coveted flipside to The Premiers "Shawnee" - known to many for being the theme tune to Rex Doanes 'Fools Paradise' radio show. This side is equally worthy of attention from you my fellow shaker fiends for it is packed with some of the sleaziest sounds you will ever hear. Enjoy...



Noble "Thin Man" Watts And His Rhythm Sparks "HOT TAMALES" Baton
With a drum break like this, the hip hop and funk 45 heads should be going ape for the "Hot Tamales". Noble "Thin Man" Watts shows that he can shake it as good as the rest on this wild "Tequila" tinged instrumental. Wilder than his usual mid-paced R'n'B, this little cheapy will ignite any deserving dancefloor and send those pasties spinning into orbit!



The Windsors "SAKI ROCK" United Artists
A tough yet criminally overlooked piece of sleaze, the flute lead on this shaker gives it a unique edge, one that makes it worthy of rescue from the unforgiving arms of obscurity. Tittyshakers.com loves Asian themed sleaze so expect more of this type to follow in the coming juke joint excursions.



The Frantics "THE WHIP" Top Rank
Classic shaker from the guys that gave us the spooky instrumental 'Werewolf", this fetish themed 45 comes complete with whip noises over the top of a completely frantic rhythm, dancers - keep up with this if you dare!



Johnny Fallin "WILD STREAK" Capitol
An obscure and tough offering from the "Party Kiss" man, known and spun on the rockabilly scene, "Wild Streak" is a highly addictive rocker with such an infectious rhythm that the honeys just can't help but shake to it. A Rubber Room dancefloor favourite.



Allen Page "SHE'S THE ONE THAT'S GOT IT" Moon Records
A wild rockabilly from Memphis Tennessee, cut in 1958 and still sounding as fresh as ever. A deliberate deviation from the filthy horns and sleazy organ based sounds that have been offered over the last two excursions, in order to illustrate the more straight ahead rocker that easily passes for a bonafide tittyshaker through lyrical content alone. Killer stuff!



Jimmy Witter And The Shadows 'AAAAAHHH!" Elvis
A tough (in both senses of the word) rockabilly jam, stripped down to guitar, bass and drums - this stuff is primal and when Jimmy starts to howl you know he means it! A seriously rare 45 from 1956 on the Nashville based Elvis label (forced into closure after this release by Col. Tom for copyright infringment or some such story) not sure how many of these 45s exist but it remains a rockabilly holy grail. A real tittytwister here. For those interested to know who Jimmy Witter was - check this link.



Kookie Kat "NEOW, NOT NEOW" Atco
Absolutely bonkers! That is how most who hear it describe this 45, a great oddball dance record that certainly deserves tittyshaker status for that infectious rhythm alone. I have many cat and dog related shakers so look out for further oddballs of this ilk to follow.



The Tomko's "THE SPOOK" Artistique Records
An insane 45 that very seldom turns up but when it does, boy watch that bidding fever! Two sides of spooky sounds and grinding horns. If you are going to be devoured by monsters, spooks or ghouls then please let this play during those final moments.


by Tom Lawrie 16th February 2008