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Untouchables "CRAWLIN' (THE CRAWL)" Rello
Pure unadulterated sleaze - the horns on this just ooze with the promise of sin.
Highly sought after for its Beatnik themed flip side which has made it onto several compilations over the years, here at tittyshakers.com it's the lesser known flip side which is the highly coveted side for its outrageously dirty horns and slinky melody. Recorded some time around 1960, if anyone should ask you "what's a tittyshaker?" then this could be the 45 you play them. At the moment this is my number one tittyshaker 45 of all time.



The Rhythmatics "DRAG" Cashmere Records
"Hey man, you wanna drag..." - "Yeah!!!"
Wowie, a real cool hot rodder here from the same guys that cut the killer rockabilly twin spin "If You're Square" / "Hot-Rod" on Cee-Gee, they used a different spelling of their usual name of Rhythm Addicts but the sound is equally as tough. This would have been cut some time around '62 judging by the sound and oh momma what a sound it is, filthy horns + a rock solid rhythm section = pure and unadulterated filth.



Teddy And The Rough Riders "MONEY AND GOLD " Huron
Teddy and the boys sound like they wanted to have a go at a pop record here, but that natural born instinct to create delinquent tittyshaking sleaze somehow managed to seep through and keep them in check. Side 1 has an infectious vocal while side 2 drops it entirely offering a instrumental version of this tittyshaker classic. Getting spun on the rockabilly scene by Boston Arms dj Cosmic Keith, as well as a regular dance floor favourite at Nottingham's Rubber Room.



Dave And The Detomics "DETOMIC ORBIT" Van Recording
This frantic surf instrumental is filled non stop with tittyshaker action from start to finish - a tough slice of guitar / organ fueled sleaze that is certain to get the nipple tassels spinning all night long.




The Couplings "DILL TICKLE" Prism
Monster themed records or those with either blood curdling screams or hysterical laughter are always a winner but when combined with a sleazy tittyshaker rhythm, the record is elevated to the upper echelons of vinyl filth. This 45 is just pure debauched sleaze that bizarrely ends 1.25 into the song just as things start to get heated. Surely a pressing fault?



The Carnations "SCORPION" Tilt
Wild rock'n'roll instrumental, The Carnations take up the Champs trademark sound and take it to a whole new dimension of menacing sleaze - this is "Tequila" how it needed to be played in the bad part of town, no ones going home unshaken tonight. Outrageous 45 that sits right up there at the top of the tittyshaker chart.



Teddy And The Rough Riders "TOMAHAWK" Tilt
Another killer outing from Teddy And The Rough Riders, this one is a bona fide twin spin - their first record and their most legendary, the flip side"Thunderhead" is every bit as good as "Tomahawk" both are equally menacing but in two very different ways. The side listed here is fast and tough, only the bravest and most sinful girl could and should attempt to shake to this one, " Thunderhead" is more moody and menacing, two crazy sounds that are utterly essential tittyshaker 45s.



The Revels "INTOXICA" Downey
Wait patiently for the first 20 seconds or so of weirdo background revelry to pass because when you hear "INTOXICA!" bellowed out of the speakers this 45 kicks into a first class tittyshaker. Complete with dirty lustful horns, twangy surf guitars and overly echoed vocal breaks. Their other 45 on the same label "Church Key" should be sought out for it's must-have flip side"Vesuvius". The Revels have rightfully gained their place in the history of trashy music with these two releases. For those interested, check out the Trashmen's cover version of "Church Key" renamed "Bad News" and, if you can find it, Norton records legendary magazine "KICKS" wrote up a great feature on the band.



The Cee Gees "BUZZ SAW TWIST" Crest
Perhaps one of the more 'known' tittyshaker's on the collectable scene, this ferocious shaker is astonishingly the work of Glen Campbell - more readily associated for his easy listening C&W crooning. Lord knows what he was thinking of when he cut this, I imagine he still wakes up in a cold sweat just thinking about this! Buzz saw guitars, tough rhythm section, blasting horns - this is music tailor made for rumbling while the girls dance on.



The Ozarks "WHO STOLE MY BIRD DOG?" California Records
Any record that bears the title of "Bird Dog" is an essential purchase, you can almost always be certain of a killer. This obscure oddity is no exception, a proto garage frat rock'n'roller that makes it into this tittyshaker list on that fantastic guitar work alone. How could any self respecting go go girl not go wild to this. Just one thing... never flip this one over to hear the other side "Gravy Waltz" unless you are very brave!



Danny Bell And The Bell Hops "CHILI WITH HONEY" Fraternity
An entry level shaker but still, so good that it will never stray too far from your dj box - even if you never actually play it - it's reassuring to know its there when and if needed. Like many great tittyshaker 45's this is a blatant 'Tequila' style sound, who ever Danny Bell was he sure knew how to shake up a lascivious sound.



Ganim's Asia Minors "DADDY LOLO" East West
East West - home to many killer and oddball records, check out "Darlene" by The Whispering Pig - an insanely creepy stalking of a girl of that name which would in itself be a great shaker if not for being way too sinister to ever fill a dance floor. "Daddy Lo Lo" is a wildly exotic tittyshaker, recorded in 1959 by traditional Armenian Oud player Charles "Chick" Ganimian. Ganimian created an instantly addictive sound here - a fusion of cultures where oriental and middle eastern rhythms are fused with rock and roll to create a belly dancing sleaze, the likes of which will be forever coveted at tittyshakers.com.



Saxie Russell "EL MONKEY" Ran - Dee
One of the undisputed kings of tittyshaker 45's, devilishly tricky to locate, but commanding very little demand, so expect to pick it up relatively cheaply if it turns up. This Boogaloo masterpiece should be at the top of anybody's wants list who has more than a passing interest in this musical genre. Respect to New York's Mr Finewine for bringing this to our attention.



The Social Outcasts "MAD" Sultan
Exotica that is both unhinged and sassy; delirious laughter over a sleazy Arabic grind. This classic piece of vinyl oddball would be a top ten tittyshaker if only it didn't fade out just as it starts to go!



Baby Sticks And The Kingtones "PIGMY" Shelley
Monster noises, blood curdling screams, monkey noises and exotic jungle sounds are individually all hallmarks of a supreme tittyshaker 45 in the making but when all of those elements come together on one 45 then you know that your dealing with something truly special. If only there were more records like this one out there.



Chuck Rio And The Originals "MARGARITA" Jackpot
An essential outing from the former Champs man Chuck Rio. Chuck stuck quite rigidly to his "Tequila" trademark sound here but perhaps created an overlooked masterpiece that far surpasses that early classic he has become so famous for. This is totally infectious and always ignites a party atmosphere. Pure tittyshaking heaven.



Sonny Flaharty "TEENAGE WAR CHANT" Huron
The rolling drums and jungle chanting are what single this teen tinged rock'n'roller out as pure tittyshaker heaven. Recorded in 1961 for the consistently good Huron Record label this is one of the rarer tittyshaker essentials that very seldom turns up in any condition.



The Reveliers "PART III" Lawn
Almost a stereotypical tittyshaker sound, it could be straight out of a raunchy Russ Meyer ident, you can almost hear the swoosh of the pasties as they spin to this one, cut in 1964 in the height of the sixties surf scene for Philadelphia's Lawn Records - a fairly established label that issued a great deal of teen tinged rockabilly's and surf instrumentals. A real easy and cheap one to find.


by Tom Lawrie 13th December 2007